Penomet is the premium Penis Enlargement Device, engineered by professionals with over 100 years combined experience in the field of penis enlargement and with input from over 1000 individuals world-wide. The result is the amazing Penomet Water Assisted Penis Pump which you can use in the shower, in your bathtub or as a conventional penis pump.

Penomet has won numerous awards over the years and this year in 2013 we are proud to accept two awards from Venus in Germany: Best New Product 2013 & Best Male Enhancement Device 2013


The male penis is something that has always been an interest for both genders. It is used for pleasure through masturbation or sex, as well as reproduction.

However, many men feel that their penis is inadequate or below average in size and have tried many methods of pills and creams, surgeries, as well as some unorthodox methods in trying to increase their size. But luckily Penomet, the water penis pump is back and back on shelves with the guarantee to enlarge your penis every time.

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What Is Penomet?

Penomet is one of the best and well-known devices to enlarge your penis. It is created by professionals who have altogether, over 100 years of experience in this area. It is a penis enlargement pump that you can use in the shower or the bathtub to help you become the size you always wanted and deserved to be.
The Penomet is made of high quality parts and is extremely durable and comes with a lifetime warranty as well as a promise that if you’re not happy with it in a year, you can send it in and receive your money back.

What Can You Gain When You Use Penomet?

Penoment provides girth and length growth over a period of time. It has an interchangeable gaiter system that allows you to become any size you want. It does not restrict you to one size. The bigger your penis becomes, the more intensity will be needed to keep your penis growing and firm, that’s where Penomet’s 5 gaiters come in, they always provide you the intensity you need to grow.

It can also help your penis become bigger even after the first use, and your penis will be ready to go even after using the device once. After your first session (15 minutes before intercourse) you will notice your penis may have become thicker and longer, up to an inch.

Though an inch after the first use is great, many men, after using this product for a while, have gotten up to over 3 inches in length and have expanded the width of their penis by over 50%!

You will also notice that your erections are harder and firmer. It draws fresh blood to your penis by it’s strong suction created by the lukewarm water. This in turn means stronger and bigger erections for you and your partner to enjoy for the long run.

Also, it is well-known when a penis is flaccid it becomes considerably smaller. Thanks to the Penomet your flaccid penis will also become bigger in length, weight, and width. Some men have seen their penis, when flaccid, double in size.

The head of the penis is the most sensitive area providing males the most pleasure. It is also the most focused on part of the penis in the bedroom and even in adult films. This device will help give you a larger, rounder head desired by so many men.

No one is happy when pre-ejaculation occurs, you feel embarrassed and your wife is unsatisfied, but no longer does that have to be a problem. This product can also help you last longer in bed, which will be fantastic news for you and your partner. It helps your penis get comfortable and used to high pressure stimulation which means you will be able to last longer during intercourse. This in turn pleases your wife and soon she will be the one begging you to have sex.

Ever have the moment where you and your partner finish, but you both are ready to go again, but you just can’t get it up despite the determination and stimulation? That won’t be a problem anymore, thanks to the Penomet. The Penomet can actually bring your erection back, even after ejaculation. Instead of turning over for the night, why not pump it back up and go a second round? You can pump it up back to a large, hard, erection in as little as 5 minutes.

Does your penis have a significant curve to it? The Penomet actually corrects severe curvature. Over time, it forces your penis to be in a straighter position. Sounds painful? It’s not. It’s a slow correction by gently using the suction to force the erectile tissue into straighter position. If this device is used long enough, many times the curvature is made completely correct. It can also heal and correct the disease Peyronie’s which can be caused by regular penis pumps.

Many men don’t have perfectly shaped penises. Many of them are uneven when it comes to width. Some are too thick at the top, bottom ,or even middle rather than being all one girth. But Penomet can fix that. It’s suction provides blood flow equally throughout the entire penis to provide an even width from the base to the head.

Many men described their orgasms as nice, but don’t have the powerful levels women do. What if that were made possible? This device not only makes your penis larger in everyway, but will help exercise your muscles to allow you to shoot more ejaculation as well as shooting it farther distances providing amazing orgasms.

This All Sounds Great, But How Does It Work?

The Penomet is used like penis weight training. It helps exercise and strengthen your penis and pelvic muscles. It uses pressure from different gaiters to help maximize your results. Using water to create pressure which stretches and exercises your penis, rather than an external pump that you have to do manually, possibly applying too much pressure.

But like any type of strength training or exercise, you have to be committed. To see a permanent larger size and to see changes in your sex life, you have exercise each week either using the, “advanced routine” or the “quick routine”.

Before any exercise you always need to stretch to avoid injuries. Your penis is no exception. In the manual and website it has a section just for stretching your penis and helping you get erect using your hands before using this pump which can be used dry, but most preferred by users in the water because of the correct pressure it applies.

It’s actually a very simple work out due to the instructions either on the website or manual. It is labeled for each week which gaiter you are suppose to use and you can choose to do it from 15-30 minutes for the first 6 weeks.

The next page has it planned for the next 6 weeks using higher gaiters, you will be able to choose to do the exercise for 20-30 minutes. After doing it for the chart labeled on the website or in the manual, you are free to use whatever gaiter you want to help you continue to have the best erections. It also tells you what to do if a suction is too strong for you or if you feel discomfort while exercising.

So the Penomet works by pressure, persistence, stretching as well as the actual exercises that strengthen your penis and your pelvic muscles.

Is The Penomet Really The Best Solution?

We have all seen hundreds if not thousands of infomercials claiming they have the best male enhancement supplement to enlarge the male penis. We have also seen ads about the best penis pumps you can get at “John Doe’s Sex Shop”. Not to mention the new medical surgeries you can go through to enlarge your penis as well as unorthodox methods used in Arabic countries as well as the Asians countries and even Africa.

Remember the Extenze commercial with a very happy Bob along with the other obscene commercials that made you laugh rather than want to buy their pills? Or the thousands of e-mails you receive promising cheap penis enhancements that really work in your spam mailbox?

Many of these pills have been tested by a number of scientists and a few schools and have found that these pills actually do not help you at all. Instead they are harmful, they can give you pesticides, can cause yeast infections, mold ingestion, E. Coli, and even the ingestion of lead. Not to mention the cost of these pills are high.

Next, we’ll move on to traditional penis pumps you can order online or find at any sex shop. The plus sides to these pumps are that you can gain inches and they are low in cost, and if used for a long time the inches can be permanent.

However, many of these pumps don’t have any safety features built into them so they can actually be harmful instead of useful. For example, they can cause blisters and burst blood vessels in the penis. Testicles have also been known to be pulled into them during a pumping session causing horrific pain.

Plus, a severe injury to the testicles can be permanent causing a man to not be able to reproduce. Not to mention a man who doesn’t use the penis pump correctly can get Peyronie’s Disease. It’s a disease that causes you penis to become severely deformed.

The unorthodox ways include tying weights to your penis and walking around. Or sleeping on your stomach as your penis hangs down with a weight tied to it, or even eating beetles and certain stones. This all has not been proven to work and can be severely harmful to your penis as well as your health.

There is also a surgery men can have done to enlarge their penis. They enlarge your penis by bringing out the hidden part of your penis from the inside of your body considering about 30% is inside you. They release 2 ligaments that attaches the erection to the pubic bone, then the surgeon stretches the penis using a device before dividing the ligaments close to the pubic bone.

This enlarges the penis about an inch to an inch and a half. This procedure has been considered unsafe and a high risk because many men have a hard time gaining erections afterwards with out help and the have a higher risk of being totally impotent. Not to mention it is a very expensive method to enlarge your penis, coming out with more problems than you went in with.

Then we have the Penomet that has significant differences than a regular penis pump. Most of those differences are in the make of the device. They don’t have tubes coming of the device, no pumping mechanism on the outside.

The Penomet is safe to use and is made of sturdier and softer materials for your comfort. You gain the same amount of inches as a regular penis pump, but instead of only 30% satisfaction you have a 95% satisfaction rate with low complications.

This product has been thoroughly tested with scientists and is backed by pharmaceutical companies, and has been raved about around the world. Not to mention it actually cures the effects (Peyronie’s Disease) caused by a traditional penis pumps. The cost is also low, and is about the same as a regular penis pump.

Loved By Many and Raved About Around The World

Yes, the Penomet has actually been in the news a number of times and even written about on a good number of blogs. This device has been talked about in:

Not to mention that it was given an international award, which can be read about on the Penomet website.
Also on the website is a link to a blog that talks about the Penomet in a humorous, yet, serious way, talking about how it has actually worked for the author.

It is also the winner of many versus competitions held on the web by men’s websites. They compared the Penomet to other penis enhancers and the Penomet has come up on top majority of the time, chosen either by the author or the viewers comments/votes. It is also mentioned that thousands across the world have voted the Penomet as the best male enhancer they have ever used.

It has become a popular brand name that has even been talked about and discussed on talk shows on Youtube and even funny shows hosted by comedians. You can find a number of male hosts describe the Penomet as well as give their take on it and how well it worked.

Also who could forget the commercials, considering it shows you how this device works, while giving you information about it. It’s a brand well known, that can’t be forgotten.

Are There Penomet Reviews By People Like Me?

Yes, there are reviews even on their website that say that this device saved their marriage. That they have become irresistible to their wives. They have talked about the confidence they have built since using this product as well as how happy they were being able to finally be the size they wanted and perform the way they always wanted to.

Some even talk about all the other methods they used that was causing pain and damage to their penis until they tried this product and got the results they wanted as well as getting their libido back. These testimonies were made by men all over the world!

Plus if you read the FAQ page, it discusses thoughts, opinions and worries of men from across the world, and the responses they received back to relax these fears.

What If I Want To Purchase One Discretely?

You are in luck, you can order a Penomet online, you only need to fill out a small form and have a credit card. They get rid of your information after a set amount of time and they don’t give it out to any third parties.

Your package will come in a plain box, no names in bold letters screaming what you just purchased. It is mailed the same day you purchase the item, and you can expect your package within the week. You are required to pay for shipping and handling, and rates can differ depending on your location.

Also, if the product is not in stock you will be fully refunded every cent you paid. If you’re not happy with your purchase you can send it back within two weeks from the day you received it, if you are not from the US, Canada, Korea, Sweden, or France. If you are from those countries you can use your year money back guarantee any time of the year. The only thing that won’t be refunded is the shipping and handling charges.

The best part is, when you receive your product you will receive a cleaning kit for your device.
If you do have any questions, it is made easy to contact customer help to ask any questions you may have, relieve any doubts you may have, as well as get you directed in the right path so you can begin to have the sex life and penis size you have always wanted. Not to mention the FAQ page on the website may be of some assistance.

In Conclusion

The Penomet was made for average men who want to be above average, who want to fix their love life, as well as please themselves and their partners. It was tested by scientists and people from around the world and has been proven to work. It is backed by a good number of pharmaceutical companies who have put their own faith into this product and invested in it, because they know when something is really worth it.

It is a proven method to work thanks to reviews, comments, news articles, and talk shows. It is a permanent solution to growing your penis in length, girth, and weight, to help you last longer in bed, and to have better, more powerful, orgasms during sex. Not to mention getting you ready for round 2 and/or 3.

It comes with an instruction manual so you know you are using the device right, it’s more comfortable, and easier to use. You even get a guide telling you how to exercise, how often, and which gaiter to use for maximum results. Also gives your precautionary tips to follow in case of uncomfortable feelings and how to prevent injury.

It is even on of the safest methods out there, which should be the number one important thing. It doesn’t leave you impotent, deformed, or give you an illness, it helps you fix deformities, is pain free, and helps you with erectile dysfunction.

Even the selling company cares about your happiness. They guarantee your happiness and give you a year to send it back if you are not happy. They give you a lifetime warranty in case an accident happens and you break your Penomet. Plus they ship discreetly, on the same day, and you can upgrade your shipping to express.

It is a product made for men by men who understand what it’s like to be below average or have issues such as a deformity, pre-ejaculation issues, small size, lack of confidence, weak orgasms, or not being able to go again in the same day. They understand what it takes to get to the desired size as well as how to make it a permanent fix rather than a temporary one. One without complications that could further ruin your sex life and relationship.

It is shipped and sold by a company that cares about it’s customers and their happiness despite the country they may come from. It is cheaper than most fixes out there and it is only a one time payment to become the man you always wanted and the man your partner has always wanted. It has been said that size doesn’t matter, but sometimes it does.

This product is truly a one of a kind product and is only made for a limited time because of the high demand. It makes it hard for manufacturers to keep up with the large order needed to satisfy each man.

It’s one of those purchases even if you question it while buying, you will forever love because of the results you’ve gotten, or forever regret because you failed to jump on this deal and purchase a product that could seriously change your outlook on life as well as parts of your life. You’ve got nothing to lose, considering the companies guarantee’s and promises, all you have got is to gain.

  • “Being one of the first to try out the Penomet during its development phase, I have truly gained a lot, not just in length, but also boosted my self confidence in the bedroom”–Brandon W. United States

  • “I own both the leading brand and the Penomet and I have to say that the Penomet is a much better product. Here’s why I say that: The Penomet is more comfortable, it doesn’t take in air, doesn’t lose any pressure, and the release button is excellent because it doesn’t leak water out while you’re using it or while you are filling it with water. If you’re on the fence between the two, go with the Penomet.”–John, Acworth, GA, United States

  • “I had tried all the pills and stretching equipment I could find online and nothing seemed to work. The only result I got was making my cock sore after all the stretching. When I tried the Penomet however I was amazed to see immediate gains after the first use. I have been using it for 3 months now, and I have already added half an inch in permanent gains!”–Charles E. United Kingdom

  • “My libido was down and my size was nothing to be proud about. After doing the Penomet Workout for the first time as written by DLD at Matters Of Size, I not only got my libo back but I literally saw my penis grow. What an amazing invention. I highly recomend it!”–Jonny B.United States


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